Snorkeling in Greece

The Ultimate Guide to Snorkeling in The Greek Islands

So why is Snorkeling so popular?

It's popular because anyone can do it.. You don't need expensive lessons like you do with scuba diving, you don't need to buy the best, most expensive equipment and you don't even need to be a good swimmer.  

The Greek Islands are the perfect place to go snorkeling. With warm and crystal clear waters, an abundance of beautiful, exotic undersea life and mysterious shipwrecks to explore, snorkeling in Greece is one activity not to be missed.

Where To Snorkel and How To Make The Best of It

Beaches are often one of the most popular places for snorkeling, however, the constant tidal movement makes it hard for life to settle down. Instead, you want to look for sheltered rocky bay areas or shallow coastal waters away from the strongest influences of the tide and surf.

One place I personally love to snorkel is Paradise Beach in Kos, also known as bubble beach because just 50 metres off shore you can swim around in volcanic bubbles, its cool, believe me.

The best way, however, to make the most of your snorkeling in Greece is to ask locals about the best spots then hire a jeep and drive to these more secluded beaches, you will not be dissapointed.

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Tips for Safe Greek Snorkeling

Generally, the waters around Greece are calmer and safer than those around the Pacific and Atlantic, not plagued by those relentlessly strong currents. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you need to be aware of:

Watch out for large cruise vessels coming close to the shore, they will unsettle the waves and create hazardous situations.

If you aren’t a strong swimmer you need to be careful as it's easy to get engulfed in the experience and find yourself far from shore. Now this isn't a huge problem to experienced snorkelers as you can gently make your way back, but inexperienced people tend to panic, swim hard, get tired, take off their mask and well you can guess the rest, the tip is to stay calm, with your mask on you will float and breathe easily so keep it on and gently head towards shore

The Ultimate Guide to Snorkeling in The Greek Islands

Some people worry about sharks around Greece, but there hasn’t actually been a reported incident in over 40 years so if you see a dorsal fin it's probably just a Dolphin which are beautiful tame creatures and very common around the mediterranean. What you do have to look out for though is jellyfish, abundant all over the mediterranean, if you notice these nasty critters floating around nearby, be sure to keep your distance and regularly watch your surroundings, the bigger they are the nastier the sting in my experience.

Boats are common around the waters of Greece and even from up on the decks, snorkelers are notoriously hard to spot. If you hear the sound of an engine, or spot a boat heading your way, make your presence known.

Remember, enjoy your holiday snorkeling and keep safe!

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