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Councils now fining owners of rubbish after fly tipping clampdown

Skip hire in the UK has been around for decades, everyone knows what a skip is and what they look like, but the UK isn't where skips where first introduced. The modern skip that's frequently seen in the UK, on the back of trucks, on roads, in driveways etc actually originated in Germany sometime in the 1960s.  Due to their resemblance to traditional coal mining skips that had been in used since the 1920's, this is what they were original called now they are simply known collectively as skips.

However skips do come in various sizes depending on the clients needs and are still named based on the volume they can carry and even though UK went decimal back in 1971 skips are still to this day referred to in Yards, with a popular size being a 4 yard (3 metre) skip.

Most skip suppliers with have a full range of different sizes starting at 2 yard (1.5metre) used mainly for small domestic clearances going right up to 14 yard (10.7metre) used primarily for business and manufacturing waste.

There have always been different ways of removing unwanted waste or rubbish from your home or business but skip hire in Fulwood and other rural area in particular has become a popular way of legally removing waste in recent years.

For the general public, skips are ideal for anyone who is moving house, undertaking some type of home improvements or simply clearing out their garden, garage or loft but the real reason people call on the services of a skip hire company is that they want to be certain that their rubbish is disposed of in a legal and proper way.

People and businesses nowadays are more conscious about the environment, they want to minimise harm to the environment, reduced their carbon footprint, be environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, nature-friendly and green so simply having waste dumped in some un-environmentally friendly way is not what people want these days making them more particular about who they use for waste removal and disposal.

The Legal Side of Waste and Rubbish Removal

Crimes such as fly tipping have been on the increase in the UK since the mid 1990's and it's not merely because people don't care about the environment because most people nowadays do care, in fact people care more than they ever did, it's because there are growing number of conmen and rogue companies claiming to be legitimate waste removal companies and touting their business online in Facebook groups and free directory sites. In reality what you get is a man with a van - usually a company vehicle that he takes home - moonlighting as a waste disposal company who collects your waste for a fee and claim to dispose of it legally and properly.

These rogue waste removal companies are attractive to people because their fees appear to be a lot less than skip hire companies or large waste removal companies, the reason why their fees are less is because they simple take your waste and fly tip it in another area.

Now if your waste can be identified, let's say there is a letter to you or packaging from a delivery with your name and address on it then it's you who will get fined and not the person who did the fly tipping because using the excuse "I paid for someone to tip it legally and I was not aware that he/she was going to fly tip it" is not a valid excuse and local councils are hitting individuals with massive fines usually in the £1000's.

Some people are saying that this simple isn't fair and that the council should track down the fly tipper and not fine the owner of the waste but there is a reason the council does this and that is if these rogue waste removal companies or individuals don't have any customers then the fly tipping will be reduced and councils in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire who have recently adopted this harsh yet valid punishment have already started to notice a decrease in fly tipping across their region.

What people are now doing is correctly turning to legitimate waste removal companies and no one is more legitimate than a skip hire company, I mean it's easy to tip out the contents or a Ford Transit van in a back alley, field or down a quiet country lane, its not so easy to tip out the contents of a fully loaded skip, plus companies who operate skips need a waste carriers licence to do so and with this waste carriers licence they can legally take their waste to number of landfill and recycling depots across the region.

You might pay a little more but you'll be not only saving the environment but you'll also be avoiding a large fine and if your worried about getting the best skip hire deal then websites such as are ideal for finding legal, fully licensed and vetted skip hire companies in your area.

So in summary, never use a man with a van that you found online to remove and dispose of your waste, always use a legitimate waste removal or skip Hire Company and do it right.

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