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Top Security Tips for your home or business

Whether it concerns your home, office or your business no one wants to get burgled or vandalised, it's just an awful thing to happen especially to your home. The thought of a stranger or strangers  sneaking around your home when you're out shopping, at work , away on holiday or worse, sleeping upstairs, rummaging through your belongings and personal items is just horrifying to most people.


Is a good insurance policy the way to go?

Burglary is a personal crime that effects people immensely, some more than others and it's not the lost items and personal belongings that matter it's the invasion into your home and the feeling of insecurity that people feel for months, sometimes even years after the crime has happened so when people respond with "well you were insured weren't you?" people do tend to get angry.

Of course contents insurance is a good thing to have and I advise everyone to get a policy even if it only covers you for a low amount because in 90% of burglaries only a few high priced select items are taken due to burglaries being 'quick' crimes. It's very rare that criminals will hang around a property for hours so they can clear out the entire place.

The best thing you can do is avoid getting burgled in the first placed and the following tips can keep your home and belonging safe.


Have good quality locks fitted

Don't make the burglars job to easy by having poor quality or old locks, a burglar is more likely to move onto the next property if he or she sees that you are using high security locks on your doors and windows.

Modern windows, patio doors, bi folding doors, French doors and the like usually come with multi-point locking systems as standard, this is where when the key or handle is turned the window or door will lock in multiple locations rather that just one, the best thing to do if you are not sure whether you have this system is to contact a professional locksmith or window company as many do offer free security checks.

Composite doors are solid, metal, high security doors that have a wood grain effect,  Composite doors are the most secure doors available.

There are a number of locksmiths who offer free security checks, check out our recommedations below


Don't make it obvious that you're not home

This may be an obvious thing to avoid but I personally drive past many houses and it's apparent to me who isn't a burglar that there is nobodyhome. Things like the house in darkness, curtains open allowing you to see straight though etc.

These mistakes are noticeable just by driving past yet a burglar will go a step further it they notice these mistakes by walking up your path or drive and checking if your mail is piling up or knocking on your door ready with a bogus excuse should you in fact be home and answer it.

There are many inexpensive things you can do such as fit timers on lights so they turn on and off periodically, replace glass doors with solid doors so a potential burglar cannot see things like mail and papers piling up.

Close curtains and blinds if you know that you are going to be out after dark.


Fit a good CCTV system

Over the past decade home CCTV systems have become a lot more affordable and in recent years better features have been added too.

Top Security Tips for your home or business

CCTV is the ultimate deterrent, mainly because of the latest remote monitoring feature that most modern systems now have. Remote monitoring means that you can view your own cameras from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world so you can instantly alert the police, friends and neighbours should you spot anything suspicious on your cameras.

In the past burglars simply hid their faces so they couldn't be identified when the recording where played back at a later date but nowadays the burglar isn't sure that the camera is being monitored live or not so will usually give houses with visible CCTV system a wide berth .

There are many CCTV system available for under £200... Check out our recommendations on Amazon



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