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What is the best CCTV system you can get for your home?

Unfortunately break-in's thefts and burglaries are still a big problem in the UK with cities such as Nottingham and Derby showing an increase year on year - according to official crime statistics for these areas - of non violent crime which includes burglary and theft.

Due to the fact that many items nowadays are irreplaceable such as family photos on tablets and mobile phones, music play lists on ipods and mp3 players, files, games and software stored on computers and gaming consoles etc, peoples main focus is not to simply increase their insurance premiums but to increase their security instead so things don't get stolen in the first place.

A good burglar alarm used to be the way to go but with 9 out of 10 people simply ignoring house alarms when they hear them going off they have become a pretty much useless addition to the home. Even the monitored alarms no longer offer good defence against the criminals as the monitoring service needs to first check with homeowners to make sure that it isn't a false alarm before contacting the authorities who themselves can take an hour sometimes longer to arrive, at which time the burglar has gone and unfortunately so have your belongings and/or vehicle.

The answer of course is a remote monitoring CCTV system linked to your mobile phone that you can monitor yourself from anywhere in the world.

With a CCTV system you can visually see if there is a real intruder in your home and notify the police and neighbours yourself.  When the homeowner telephones the police and reports an actual intruder in their home the response time comes down to about 7 minutes because this is classed as a crime in progress whereas a burglar alarm going off is classed as a follow up on a past crime which is why the response times are so different.

When CCTV for your home first became a thing the systems available where very expensive, required expert installation and were a luxury normally only enjoyed by the rich and well off, but nowadays it's a different story and you can get some very good home CCTV systems for under £200 that you can even install yourself with very little expertise.

You can still employ the services of a professional CCTV installer, there are many around Nottingham and Derby such as MAB locksmiths and security and around the UK but for this list we'll focus of the best DIY CCTV systems.

We've looked at a number of CCTV system around the same price range, each one ideal for home or office security.

ANNKE 8 Channels 1080P WeatherProof HDD CCTV System

What is the best CCTV system you can get for your home?For the price this is a very professional, multifunctional system that's guaranteed for 1 year with free life time, yes, lifetime tech support via telephone and email.

The system records to a built in hard disc drive and can be remotely monitored via the free ANNKE View HD APP. Once setup is complete, your cameras and smartphone operate as Peer to Peer devices.

The day/night cameras are a very robust steel construction guaranteed not to become old and shabby looking after weathering the harsh UK climate.

This system is very easy to set up and has a range of features including motion detection an option that allows you record only when motion is detected so that you can save hard drive storage space without missing important events.

This system in currently on offer at Amazon for just £169.99 with FREE UK delivery...

  • Price 10/10
  • Features 7/10
  • Ease of Use 9/10

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SANSCO S4D4C1T All-in-One Smart CCTV 1080p Camera System

What is the best CCTV system you can get for your home?This system is a very popular entry level home CCTV system boasting features normally only available on systems costing twice, sometimes three times as much.

Again the system comes with 4 weatherproof external or internal camera connected to an internal hard disc drive.

The built in motion detection option on this system also allows you to record only when motion is detected.

You can even ensure that false alarms are not triggered as the easy motion detection "mask" allows you to block out areas with constantly no-changing movement like a pendulum clock or outside water feature.

The system also allow remote viewing via smart phone, tablet or computer, however this clever system does not need the internet to operate and can simply store recordings for later viewing.

The cameras use infrared so can even operate and give a clear, crisp picture in total darkness.

This system is easily the best value for money home CCTV system around and is presently on offer at Amazon UK for just £159.99 with FREE UK delivery...

  • Price 9/10
  • Features 8/10
  • Ease of Use 10/10

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SANNCE 4CH 1080N Weatherproof CCTV Camera System With 10.1-inch LCD Screen Monitor,

What is the best CCTV system you can get for your home?This very affordable system boasts a range of exclusive features, the main selling point being an intuitive 10.1 inch LCD screen for easier video monitoring and playback... No need to waste money on an extra monitor or tie up a HDMI socket on your TV.

Unlike systems that connect to your TV requiring you to switch channels to view your cameras the SANNCE 4CH 1080N Weatherproof CCTV Camera System allows full time monitoring from its own dedicated LCD screen.

Other features include live monitoring and one click recording via a connected smart phone, tablet or computer.

The system also comes with a DVR (digital video recorder) allowing camera recording and can be fitted with a HDD for extra storage.

This model is also available with wireless cameras for even easier installation and set-up and with instant email alerts when unexpected movements are detected you can rest assured that your home and belonging are safe 24/7.

For the features it boasts and the built in 10.1-inch LCD Screen Monitor this system is easily the best value for money we have seen and the basic system is currently available on Amazon UK for just £134.99 with FREE UK next day delivery...

  • Price 10/10
  • Features 8/10
  • Ease of Use 9/10

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ANNKE CCTV Camera Systems 8CH+2CH 1080P CCTV Camera System

What is the best CCTV system you can get for your home?This final CCTV system on our list may be the most expensive we have reviewed at £189.99 but this powerful, professional CCTV system not only comes with 8 cameras making it ideal for larger homes but also has a host of other unique features making it one of the most versatile home CCTV systems around today.

With 1080P live videos and 1080N recordings the pictures from this system are truly amazing and detailed and by using the advanced H.264+ video compression technology, this system takes a great leap in storage and transmission efficiency. Smart coding and compression doubles your storage space for 2 to 3 times longer recording than H.264.

With up to 66ft (20 meter) infrared night vision, these cameras will never let you down. Fall asleep or go away on holiday assured that you are amonitoring your property day and night while keeping burglars and intruders at bay.

You are also allowed to set several motion detection regions according to your particular surveillance needs. When motion is detected in those masked areas, an instant email with images captured will be sent to you.

This is a premium surveillance system that you can trust and is currently exclusive to Amazon UK for just £189.99 with free UK delivery

  • Price 9/10
  • Features 10/10
  • Ease of Use 10/10

More Information about this System 

There has never been a better time to invest in a home CCTV system and with the current feature rich systems that allow remote viewing, monitoring and recording you can finally relax properly whether you are at home in bed or away on holiday secure in the fact that you are protected. 

Other similar systems not review above are listed below:


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