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Why You Should Use an Independent Locksmith

The locksmith industry in the UK is one of those 'have a go industries' that is popular with the unqualified cowboys and the dodgy, crooked tradesmen, which is why it is very important that you always make sure that you are using fully trained and vetted locksmith.

However, making the distinction between the skilled professional and the unskilled cowboy can be a tricky one and if you do end up calling out an inexperienced 'have a go' amateur locksmith it could cost you precious time and money.

When you find yourself locked out of your home, office or business premises you need a locksmith to come out to you and gain access ASAP which is why most people just do a quick search on their smartphone and call the first number that comes up without doing any research and this is why the unqualified locksmiths thrive.

OK, you are not buying a new Car or high-priced home appliance so you are not going to do any major research but spending a couple of minutes looking at the locksmiths website and finding out what services they offer is not going to make a huge difference to the time you are going to be left waiting.

Make sure you choose a genuine local locksmith.

You don't want to be waiting around for hours, especially at night which is when around 90% of lockouts, break-ins and vandalisms happen, so you'll want to choose a local locksmith who will be on site quickly, which is easier said than done... You might have searched for a locksmith in your area but because of sponsored search engine ads and national locksmith call centres you sometimes find that the first few results are not local at all.

Tell tail signs are local rate or freephone telephone numbers although some call centres buy up 100's of local numbers so they appear to located in that area, if this the case then a click onto their website will usually reveal that they are a national call centre and not an independent locksmith.

What you should choose an independent local locksmith over a national call centre

They are a few reasons to choose an independent local locksmith over a national call centre the main one being the cost. Remember, a national call centre does not actually employ locksmiths they are simply a directory of independent local locksmiths who have signed up for their marketing services and the call centre wants their cut making the fee to the end user, you, a lot more expensive.

Another reason is speed. If you find yourself locked out or the victim of crime or vandalism you want someone to be on site a quickly as possible. Unfortunately if the call centre does not have a locksmith local to you they will simply send the nearest locksmith who can be miles away leaving you waiting for hours.

Also, with an independent local locksmith you will speak to the locksmith when you ring up. The locksmith will be able to give you an estimated arrival time and an estimated cost, sometimes even the actually cost. When you ring a call centre you are merely speaking to someone manning the phones who is not a skilled locksmith and will not be able to give you any technical advice or costs.

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