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  • As Royal Mail seeks injunction to halt another postal strike more companies start to use electronic document processing
Royal Mail Strike

As Royal Mail seeks injunction to halt another postal strike more companies start to use electronic document processing

As Royal Mail seek a high court injunction to stop a planned 48-hour strike more companies turn to paperless invoicing, eSignatures, and electronic document processing which is quicker, cheaper and a lot more reliable. .

Members of the CWU voted overwhelmingly in favour of strikes last week and are to take action from 19 October. Staff could also stage walkouts during the Black Friday retail sales event next month or during the festive season.

If the strike over pensions, pay and jobs goes ahead, it would be the first national walkout since Royal Mail was privatised four years ago. Royal Mail workers vote for industrial action Read more Royal Mail said the CWU had missed a Monday deadline to remove the threat and agree to peace talks. The company claims that, under an agreement with the union, the CWU must enter mediation with Royal Mail before embarking on industrial action. The CWU, in turn, claims that it has been attempting to find a solution to the dispute for 18 months.

This is another blow to Royal Mail who have seen their profits plummet in recent years as more and more people and businesses go paperless and turn to electronic document signing.

The company has written to the CWU, invoking a “legally binding external mediation process”, and reiterated that any industrial action would be unlawful. Royal Mail said: “The company requested that CWU withdraw its notification of industrial action by 12 noon today and commit to following the dispute resolution procedures. “CWU has declined to withdraw its notification.

As a result, Royal Mail will today lodge an application with the high court for an injunction to prevent industrial action so that the contractual external mediation process can be followed.” A week ago, 89% of the CWU’s 111,000 workers backed a walkout, with 74% of members turning out to vote. The vote was a major test for the union after the introduction of the Trade Union Act, which requires strike ballots to have a 50% turnout.

So what does this mean for the future of Royal Mail?

There will always be people buying products and goods offline and using Royal Mail however more and more businesses are wiping their hands of Royal Mail and instructing their customers to go paperless.

Paperless invoicing has been around for a while but many companies still relied on Royal mail for sending out important documents for signing, however, this is all changing thanks to companies like eSignlite an online service allowing businesses to send out electronic documents that can be signed on a computer, tablet and even a mobile phone.

We spoke to eSignlite the UK's leading eSignature portal who told us that they have seen a 40% increase in sign ups since the strike was announced, good news for them, more bad news for Royal Mail.

eSignlite currently offer a 28 day FREE trial so get on over to esignlite.com and don't lose any sleep over the complete shambles of a company who are Royal Mail

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