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Beat the Burglar

Is your home safe whilst you're away on holiday? Check out these tips to beat the burglar

Do you think that you live in an area of high crime? Most people believe that their area is safe with a very low crime rate, their vehicle insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to some well known suburban areas nearby their local news rarely reports anything more serious than anti social behaviour by local youths, but guess what does not get reported? Burglaries!

Burglaries and break-in's are on the rise all over the UK and these crimes rarely get reported in the local media. The police simply give you a crime reference number and tell you to contact your insurance company and hardly ever do any follow ups or try to catch the thieves.

So what does this mean to the homeowner?

What it means is that you should not get lulled into a false sense of security thinking that your home and belongings are safe and you are unlikely to get burgled, you are...

What you should do is make your home or business as burglar proof as possible, remember it's your home, your belongings so you are the one who should look after them.

The summer holiday months - June to August - see a spike in home break-ins and burglaries as the thieves who usually operate during the dark are happy to commit their crimes in board daylight light especially when they are 100% certain that you are away on holiday and your house is empty. How do they know that your house is empty? Tell tale signs, is how they tell, they rarely stumble upon your empty home by chance.

Forgetting to cancel papers is more common than people think, they go on holiday, forget to cancel papers and think, well its a few pounds, and won't break the bank... What they don't release is that many thieves get low paid leaflet delivery jobs, or in some cases create their own leaflets at home so they can walk up and down garden paths and driveways unchallenged, and when they see a pile of papers behind the door, jackpot, they'll be back later to clear you out... So if you do find yourself at the airport or on the beach and realise that your didn't cancel papers, ring your papershop and cancel as soon as you can, it's 2017 most European roaming is now free and if it isn't it's a small price to pay to feel safe and to beat the burglar.

Another way the thieves can know that you are away is your taxi to the airport, the taxi driver may have questionable friends or a thief may just happen to be canvassing the area when you are getting into your taxi with your family and four suitcases... it doesn't take a genius to work out that you're off on holiday. Now this scenario isn't as easy to avoid, you need your taxi so what are you going to do?

An option is to drive to a friend or realities, leave your car with them and get you taxi from their house.. Another option is to give the impression that someone is left in the house, wave at your empty house when your getting in the taxi, have a quick conversion inside the taxi about your eldest son, your gran etc being ok on their own for a week... believe me this works and you are complete off the thieves radar when you do this, remember they want an empty house during the holidays so they will move on to an easier target.

There are other precautions you can take, you could call on the services of a local locksmith for a security assessment, locksmiths in my opinion are on the front line, they see the aftermath of break-in's, see how the break in happened, so can advise you on your locks and security measures.

If you're looking for more tips to keep your home safe when your away this excellent video by Ex-burglar Michael Fraser gives you the tips you need to beat a break-in and keep your home and possessions safe

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