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Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping Manchester

Why Local Tradesmen are Turning to Vehicle Wrapping To Advertise Their Business

Advertising is big business; it has been for at least 200 years, with the earliest recorded billboard advertisement dating back to 1867 when it was first seen in railway stations. Without advertising most businesses will fail within a couple of years, however advertising can also work against a business especially if you are spending too much on advertising and not getting a good return that covers your advertising costs and turns a profit.

It may sound like a no brainer but your advertising budget must be set at a level where the extra money that it brings in is more than enough to pay for adverting and return a profit. It's wrong to thing that the more money you throw into advertising the more money you'll make, this is seldom the case. There are too many companies nowadays, especially start-ups are spending money they can't afford on advertising that doesn't work.

Many local businesses and companies simply follow what other companies and businesses around them are doing without giving it too much thought and consideration as to whether the advertising medium they have chosen is actually going to be profitable for them too, take Adwords for example, Google's Pay Per Click advertising platform, Now I'm not dishing it as it's a great tool for many business sectors and industries, consider an investment company for example taking on new high net worth individuals or self certified investors who are investing thousands or tens of thousand of pounds into a scheme or programme your involved in. A ten or twenty pounds click through fee is relatively small when the investment companies profit is in the thousands of pounds, and even with a conversion rate of 1:20 - that's one genuine investor for every twenty clicks - they can still turn a healthy profit.

However take a local business or local tradesman, for arguments sake lets say a Nottingham Locksmith looking for local work in and around Nottinghamshire, now they have heard about Adwords helping businesses succeed on Google or been cold called by one of those dodgy Adwords management companies, more about those in an upcoming exposure article.

They start with a relatively low bid per keyword and chosen a modest number of search terms, but before long  after they realise they are not getting enough impressions they are paying between five and ten pounds per click with a conversion rate of 1:20 sometimes lower for local businesses due to a higher number of local searches and a higher number of rival purposely clicking on your ads and when you consider that average bill issued by an emergency call out locksmith is between £40 and £80 you can see why Adwords simply isn't profitable for a local tradesmen such as locksmiths, electricians, plumbers, heating engineers etc.

Why doing your own vehicle advertising Is the way to go

Times are however changing and more and more local tradesmen and local businesses that are out on the road as part of their job are turning to Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping as a cost effective way of advertising their services to the public.

Due to modern digital printing equipment and low printing costs companies like Universal Signage Manchester are vinyl wrapping more independent trader's vehicles than ever before. We spoke to David Light, Managing Director of Universal Signage who told us that what once use to be reserved for large companies wanting to wrap they fleet in the companies colours and logo is now being utilised by local businesses and traders as a way or advertising their services whilst out on the road.

Mr Light told us that "We were reluctant at first to produce one off vinyl wraps for single vehicles but as word got out in the local area we were inundated with calls from local tradesmen looking for full wraps to advertise their services on the more"

He also told us that not many companies are doing single jobs and they are getting tradesmen coming to them from all over the region

Universal Signage are happy to discuss your needs and your budget and even offer a FREE professional design service. They have template ready for almost ever vehicle make and model and a wrap can be done in a couple of hours meaning that your vehicle isn't off the road for long.

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